An Older Clip Of Dr. Oz Doing Some Bad Shopping Is Getting Dragged All Over Again, Much To The Delight Of John Fetterman

For months, John Fetterman has been ruthlessly trolling Dr. Oz, his opponent in the Pennsylvania congressional race. A lot of his attacks have involved his lack of Pennsylvania bona fides, reminding locals that he only semi-recently moved from New Jersey, seemingly only because of its open Senate seat. But sometimes other people do the Oz dragging for Fetterman.

On Monday, an older clip — which had already been trounced by John Oliver back in April — made the rounds again. In a video Oz uploaded to his Instagram, the former TV star roams about a supermarket in the Keystone State, complaining about the prices as he gathers ingredients for a crudité platter, in an attempt to shame Presdient Joe Biden for rising costs.

As Oliver noted a few months back, there’s a lot to unpack here. For one, he gets the name of the place wrong. He calls it “Wegner’s” — a portmanteau of the high-end chain Wegman’s and the smaller Redner’s. (He’s in the latter.) For another, he’s making one of the weirdest crudité platters imaginable, with raw asparagus, a huge chunk of broccoli, and no hummus. That’s not to ignore that he’s shopping for crudité — hardly a salt-of-the-earth foodstuff.

Now, months later, the older video has gone viral all over again. And who was more than happy to take advantage of that? His opponent.

Fetterman got in repeated jabs, He mocked him for calling Redner’s “Wegner’s.” He pointed out that Pennsylvanians have a simpler name for what he’s preparing: It’s just called a veggie tray. And he claimed he actually had a plan for lowering prices.

“I see for myself how expensive groceries are whenever G + I go to Giant Eagle or Aldi’s,” Fetterman tweeted. “Dr. Oz does NOT have a plan to bring these prices down, but I do. Strengthen supply chains + crack down on corporate price gouging + make more sh*t in America.”

Lots of others got in on the Dr. Oz dragging, some cracking jokes about him trying to connect with everyday, struggling Americans by making crudité.

Others joked about him getting the name of the supermarket chain wrong.

There are still two-and-a-half months left until Election Day, which means plenty of opportunities for Fetterman — and others — to make Oz look a fool.