John Oliver Has Been Trolling Dr. Oz For Years With A Giant Statue Of An Alligator Flipping The Bird

In light of Dr. Oz‘s Senate run in Pennsylvania, John Oliver not only went to town on the television doctor’s carpet-bagging campaign, but the Last Week Tonight host revealed that he’s been trolling Oz for years. Oliver kicked off the segment by showing Donald Trump’s recent endorsement — which is not going over well in MAGA world — and lamented having to hear the former president’s voice again.

“The first growl in that clip was like hearing the sound of a cranking lawn mower you know is about to sexually harass you,” Oliver quipped before roasting Oz for hilariously pretending to be a Pennsylvania resident. As Oliver went on to reveal, he knows Oz primarily lives in New Jersey and films in New York because they share the same studio. In fact, the Last Week Tonight offices are just across the hall, and that’s where Oliver has been waging a years-long trolling campaign by parking a statue of an alligator flipping the bird where Oz and his staff had to see it every day.

However, with Oz shutting down his show to focus on his campaign, Oliver felt bad about his staff, who he never realized had to work so hard to prevent The Dr. Oz Show from being even worse.

“He had to abandon his show to go run for Senate,” Oliver said. “And if any of his staff are coming back to our office in the coming weeks to clear their stuff out, we’ve actually left a new special message for them on our alligator: ‘I’m sorry, he seems like a f*cking nightmare.’ Because he really does.”

(Via Mediaite)