Noted Tough Guy Elon Musk Says He Wanted To Punch Kanye West For Tweeting A Swastika

In his latest attempt to prove he is not a cyborg, Elon Musk claimed that he “personally wanted to punch” Kanye West in the face after he tweeted his rebranded version of a swastika on Twitter (which was essentially a swastika wrapped inside a Star of David, to go along with Ye’s new insistence that he loves both Jews and Nazis… which makes total sense, and even got Borat all riled up).

As Insider reports, Musk — the new owner of Twitter, who seems desperate to make the site a place for uncensored free speech, which could very likely burn the social media network to the ground — took part in a live Q&A on the site to talk about Twitter agreeing to requests from both Donald Trump’s White House and Joe Biden’s campaign to remove certain files from the site in 2020. But it was only a matter of time until one concerned Tweeter asked: “How are you going to balance the level to which we speak about the freedom of expression on Twitter?”

“I personally wanted to punch Kanye,” the billionaire tough guy responded, “so that was definitely inciting me to violence. That’s not cool.”

No, not cool at all. Just like tweeting images of swastikas is not cool — nor is suspending someone from the site for a measly TWO WEEKS after sharing such hateful imagery with millions of people. But Musk seemed pretty proud of himself, explaining that: “It is important people know, OK, that was my decision,” he said. As if the punishment were a harsh one.

(Via Insider)