George Santos Claimed He Founded A Company In 2001…When He Was In Middle School

What hasn’t George Santos lied about? The freshman GOP representative has been caught red-handed making up nonsense about his job history, his education, his heritage, even his mother’s death. Looks like he’s still at it.

As per Newsweek, Santos went on Newsmax, where host Greg Kelly gently pressed him on his super sketchy campaign finances, asking how he acquired the cash to make big loans, which Santos had claimed were “obtained through legitimate reasons and channels.” His response was bizarre, even for him.

“Devolder Organization was founded in 2001 when I stepped away from my previous employment,” he replied, “and I decided to go on my own to do exactly what I did for other companies for years which is capital introduction relationship management of high-net-worth individuals.”

One problem: Santos was (allegedly!) born on July 22, 1988. If he founded a company (which shares a name with his one of his aliases) in 2001, he would have been 12 or 13 years old. The claim inspired Newsweek to publish the surreal sentence, “Newsweek has contacted Rep. Santos asking for proof he founded the Devolder Organization while in middle school.”

As for the Devolder Organization, it wasn’t incorporated until 2021. Maybe he was just two decades off. It happens.

It’s yet another creative whopper from a guy whose fibs go big and go small. But this one probably isn’t going to help that investigation into where his campaign finances came from.

(Via Newsweek)