Ever Increasingly Shady George Santos May Have Attended A Stop The Steal Rally While Wearing A Stolen Scarf, Because Why Not

This time a month ago few had even heard of George Santos. The now-freshman representative from New York was elected despite anyone delving deeply into the many claims he made about himself while running for office. Now there’s two, sometimes three wackadoodle revelations a day. Some are big, like him allegedly being involved in criminal activity in Brazil. Some are small, like the latest dirt on him: that he may be petty thief.

In an interview with Patch (as caught by The Daily Beast), one of Santos’ former roommates said that the representative stole a Burbery scarf from him. What’s more, he wore it, appropriately, to a Stop the Steal riot held the day before the Jan. 6 riot.

Santos had two months prior lost his first congressional run, and he made Trumpian claims of voter fraud to the whipped-up crowd. “If you’re from New York, you know what they did to me,” Santos charged, while wearing allegedly pilfered neckware. “They did to me what they did to Donald Trump. They stole my election.”

Another former roommate of Santos corroborated the story, revealing text messages between them in which they discussed not only the scarf but also a shirt they accused of him stealing. The two have also claimed they found phones, checks, and other pricey dress shirts missing during their tenures with Santos.

The news came shortly after yet more allegations of sketchy Santos behavior, namely that he’d previously worked for an investment company accused by the SEC of being a Ponzi scheme. Santos has refused to resign amidst the ever-mounting allegations over his prolific and oft-surreal behavior.

(Via Patch and The Daily Beast)