Apparent Serial Fraudster George Santos Now Has Brazilian Authorities On His Ass For Crimes He May Have Committed In That Country

If it comes out that GOP serial bullshit slinger George Santos has offered one big whopper of a lie about anything else in his life, Donald Trump might start getting jealous. The incoming congressman from New York is still scheduled to be sworn in today, despite the fact that he is currently under criminal investigation for lying about pretty much everything about his accomplishments and life in general, including his mother being killed on 9/11. But lying might be the least of his worries.

According to CNN, Santos’ bizarre/brazen/idiotic decision to throw himself into the congressional spotlight with a resume full of lies has led authorities in Brazil to carry on with a more than decade-old fraud investigation into the (supposedly) 34-year-old. Police are requesting a “formal response” from Santos regarding a 2008 incident in which the shiny new congressman — who would have been 19 years old at the time — reportedly spent $700 at a clothing store using a fake name and stolen checkbook. The New York Times reported that Santos originally copped to the caper, and was charged with embezzlement, but never showed up to court.

The case was eventually all but abandoned as Brazilian authorities could not locate Santos. Cut to: a successful congressional campaign in 2022. With Santos’ whereabouts not well known to authorities, Maristela Pereira, a spokesperson for the Rio de Janeiro prosecutor’s office, told CNN that they will be reaching out to the DOJ in order to notify Santos of the outstanding charges against him.

When asked about the charges, Santos told The New York Times: “I am not a criminal here – not here or in Brazil or any jurisdiction in the world. Absolutely not. That didn’t happen.” And if there’s one thing we have learned about Santos, it’s that you can absolutely believe every word that comes out of his mouth.

If convicted, Newsweek reports that Santos could face up to five years in prison.

Meanwhile, his GOP colleagues apparently want nothing to do with Santos, which says a lot.

(Via CNN)