Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Was So Offended By A Family-Friendly Drag Show In Dallas That He Called Texas Authorities To Report It As ‘Child Abuse’

If Newsmax nincompoop (and absolute weirdo) Greg Kelly has one actual talent, it’s the ability to continually make an ass out of himself. And he proved that he’s at the top of his game yet again when he proudly announced that he called the “Dallas police” to report wanton child abuse after seeing a video of a family-friendly drag show.

As Mediaite reports, Kelly wasn’t even calling the Dallas PD. He called the North Texas Crime Commission, which organizes the North Texas Crime Stoppers program and “pays rewards for anonymous tips and forwards that information to the appropriate law enforcement agency.” In other words: He can’t even call the police correctly. And the call itself? Well, you can take a listen for yourself below, as Kelly very proudly posted the audio of his call to Twitter, in which he stated:

“Uh, hello. This is Greg Kelly. I’m a concerned citizen. I live in New York, but I saw a horrible video. It’s gone viral, very easy to find online. Dancing transvestites with young children. It happened in the heart of Dallas. It seemed like it was incredibly inappropriate, probably criminal. I’m sure somebody’s breaking the law. You guys need to find this video. You can, uh, you can call me… And I’ll help you find it online, and somebody’s gotta do something about this.”

Dallas’ WFAA also reported on the event, which took place at local bar Mr. Misster, writing that “during the event, drag performers danced and walked down the aisle in the center of the room. At times, the dancers would take dollar bills from some of the children. Kids also walked with the dancers down the aisle during the event.” There were some protestors outside the venue, which led Mr. Misster to issue a statement in which they noted that proceeds from the event were being donated to a local LGBTQ+ youth organization.

Mr. Misster is a place where everyone is welcome to feel accepted, safe and included. We had a group of protestors outside yelling homophobic threats, transphobic remarks and vile accusations at these children and parents. It is so sad to see that in 2022, there are people that still want to protest others celebrating who they are, but our staff and wonderful officers helped keep us safe and kept the protestors at bay.

Back on Newsmax on Monday night, Kelly again mentioned the event, which he described as ​​“bachelor party stuff for people in their 20s. If that.” Whatever that means.

(Via Mediaite)