Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Goofy AF’ Lawyer Didn’t Impress Anyone With His Bumbling Opening Statements In Her Skiing Accident Lawsuit

The trial over an alleged ski accident involving Gwyneth Paltrow kicked off on Tuesday, and right out of the gate, Paltrow’s lawyer doesn’t seem to be doing the actress slash wellness guru any favors.

At issue is a claim by optometrist Terry Sanderson who has accused Paltrow of slamming into him on the Park City slopes and leaving him with “a brain injury, four broken ribs and other serious injuries,” according to the Associated Press. Sanderson has described the incident as a “hit and run” (the actress reportedly “skied away”) and is suing Paltrow for damages.

Paltrow, however, is countersuing for $1 and accusing Sanderson of running into her. She also asserts that her “group” checked on Sanderson after the collision and he said he was “fine.” The two sides are now battling it out in a Park City court with Paltrow in attendance, but it’s her wacky attorney who’s stealing the spotlight.

As seen in the video, things started amicably below with Paltrow’s attorney Steve Owens introducing his team.

Unfortunately, the situation went off the rail as Owens delivered his opening statement, which was notably scattered and punctuated with weird asides, like how much he was tickled by the plaintiff’s description of Paltrow crashing into him like “King Kong swinging out of the jungle.”

After videos of Owens’ opening statement went viral, Twitter had a field day reacting to the legal proceedings, with one Twitter using joking that Paltrow is “about to lose all her vagina candle money with this goofy af lawyer.”

You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via Associated Press)