Hilaria Baldwin Has Had It With ‘Psycho Conspiratorial Theorists’ Who Suggested That She’s Faking Her Umpteenth Pregnancy

It’s normal for everyone on the internet to think that celebrities are lying about things, mostly because everyone on the internet is skeptical all the time (as they should be) and celebrities rarely notice or respond. That is, of course, not the case for Hilaria Baldwin, who was accused of lying about growing up in Spain. As it turned out, she was in fact stretching the truth about growing up in Spain.

Recently, Baldwin has been attacked by social media users for thinking that she was faking her current pregnancy, which she announced earlier this spring while her husband was being investigated for the shooting that took place on the set of his movie Rust.

The couple already has six other children, including one that was born via surrogate nearly 6 months after they welcomed their son in 2020. While Hilaria is known to play with the truth, she did not take these accusations lightly and took to social media to dispute the rumors that she was faking her pregnancy.

“My friends made a good point about my belly, It kind of looks fake like I ate a ball,” she said on Instagram alongside a mirror pic of her very pregnant self. “I guess the psycho conspiracy theorists online with way too much time on their hands has somewhat of a point here.”

Hilaria Baldwin
Instagram @HilariaBaldwin

She then went on to poke fun at everyone who has “theories” about her and her pregnancy (and probably her accent). “Now you guys can go share links and theories as to what kind of ball it was that I ate. Hope you come up with something that tastes good. Please have something positive in your rants.” This is one rumor she can actually put to rest! The other one…not so much.

(Via The New York Post)