Jason Momoa Tipped His Hat To ‘F*cker’ Michael Bay For Making Him Cry Twice While Watching ‘Ambulance’

We live in a time of “takes.” Some are much better and worse than others, but no one has more unrestrained, enthused takes than Jason Momoa. Whether he’s referring to a comic book movie as “Ssssiiicccckkkkkk” or barely unable to contain himself while rocking out to a Metallica album, there’s never a dull moment when Momoa gets to preview things early and express his effusive state.

It’s quite something, then, to hear what Momoa thought about the new Michael Bay actioner, Ambulance, which appears to be as wild a ride as one would expect from the “Boom!” maestro. Well, get ready because Momoa had a reaction that even he didn’t expect: He cried, more than once.

As Momoa wrote on Instagram (while posting a photo of himself alongside See co-star Archie Madekwe), “i cried twice. kid part killed me. i’m a papa bear so u got me michael (fucker).” Well then. It’s worth noting that Momoa raved about Aquaman villain Yahya Abdul-Matteen II, however, and he was overall in love with this movie.

“Papa bear” had a good time, to say the very least:

“I was so honoured to be invited to this amazing movie @ambulancethemovie love u @archmadekwe THEATRES are back you got to watch this on the big screen. MICHAEL BAY. you killed it @yahya i’m so proud of you mahalo for inviting me @eizagonzalez wonderful performance. i cried twice. kid part killed me. i’m a papa bear so u got me michael (fucker). anywho. jake. so funny and crazy and fun. im just happy for everyone to see this u won’t be disappointed also to all my fellow actors there are no small roles. i saw every character in this movie. really amazing work. and @garretdillahunt you are one my loves. always inspiring watching you @universalpictures congratulations. i can’t believe u shot it that fast during the pandemic and for so little. shot on the best @reddigitalcinema aloha j.”

Take it from Momoa and go watch Ambulance, in theaters now.