A New Poll Shows Biden Trouncing Both Trump And Ron DeSantis In 2024, With Over 70% Of Americans Against Trump Running Again

If today were November 5, 2024, the headlines would likely read “Joe Biden Wins Second Term In a Landslide Victory.” That’s according to the results of a new Marquette Law School poll. And if we were to take this survey one step further, Biden’s win would be over current Florida governor/Donald Trump archenemy Ron DeSantis.

As The Hill reports, the survey concluded that if Americans were casting their votes for the next POTUS today, 43 percent of them would vote to reelect Biden. That would put the incumbent 10 points ahead of Donald Trump if the two were to face off (again), but America has spoken on that matter, too. The short version? They’ve had enough of Trump, thank you very much. A whopping 71 percent of respondents have no interest in seeing #45 attempt another run at the White House.

While Trump may think that DeSantis is “dull,” a lack of charisma might just be what people want. In a hypothetical showdown between Biden and “Fat Boy” DeSantis (Roger Stone’s words), the Marquette survey suggests that Biden would again be triumphant—but the margin would be closer: 41 percent for Biden versus 33 percent for DeSantis.

These numbers don’t quite line up with a recent Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey that was shared with The Hill and showed that in an eight-person GOP primary, 57 percent of respondents would choose Trump as their presidential nominee. DeSantis came in second in that poll, but with a very distant 11 percent.

As Newsweek shared, Trump doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to these numbers. On Wednesday, while teeing off (and doing far more bending over than most people wanted to see) in a video posted to Instagram, Trump introduced himself as “the 45th and 47th president.”

(Via The Hill)