Roger Stone Joined Trump In Piling On ‘Fat Boy’ Ron DeSantis, Hinting That The Florida Governor May Be Cheating On His Wife (Who Is Battling Cancer)

Ron DeSantis has quickly become the MAGA crowd’s newest favorite punching bag. Ever since rumors first began circulating in 2021 that the vaccine mandate-hating Florida governor may be eyeing a run for the White House in 2024, Trump (who apparently “f***ing hates” DeSantis) and his cronies have jumped on every opportunity they can to further sully the regularly embattled Florida Man’s already not-so-stellar reputation.

More recently, Trump—who has made a sort of about-face on his attitude toward COVID vaccinations—has described DeSantis and other politicians who won’t share their vaccination status as “gutless” then just outright called him “dull.” And now, as Daily Mail reports, Trump’s good buddy/aspiring Batman villain Roger Stone has jumped on the DeSantis pig pile, and is hitting way below the belt—literally.

Stone took to social media to viciously tear down DeSantis, whom he called “fat boy,” mocking everything from his “bad haircut” to his “ill-fitting suit.”

But it was the last part of Stone’s comments that really raised eyebrows, when he implied that DeSantis—who was accused of going MIA over the holidays—had been with Emerald Robinson, the former Newsmax host who proved to be even too much of a liability for Newsmax when she claimed that the Moderna vaccine contained an enzyme known as “luciferase,” which she described as a Satanic tracking device (it’s not, nor is it in the vaccine). It’s a damning accusation, as DeSantis is married—but even more gross given that Ron’s missus, Casey DeSantis, is currently battling cancer.

According to the Daily Mail, Fat Boy’s DeSantis’ office confirmed that the governor did take some time off… so that he could assist his wife with her cancer treatments.

(Via Daily Mail)