Biden’s New Nickname For Trump Was Supposed To Be An Insult, But It Completely Backfired

Over the years, Donald Trump has been known as Scooby Coup, Dolt 45, Tangerine Palpatine, Drinks with Two Hands, Vanity Manatee, Penis Pumpkinhead, Hair Farce One, The Big Lie-bowski, King Baby Coward, Old Wack Donald, Ole Yeller, and Jackass O’Lantern — and those are just Stephen Colbert’s nicknames for the former-president.

Joe Biden added another one to the pile on Wednesday, although unlike “Mar-a-Lardo,” it’s a nickname that Trump will probably love.

While speaking at the the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers International convention, Biden said, “Look at my predecessor, the great MAGA king — the deficit increased every single year he was president.” That moniker — “the great MAGA king” — was supposed to be an insult, the way Trump has referred to the current-president as “Sleepy Joe” and “Corrupt Joe.” But as noted by conservative CNN political commenter Alyssa Farah Griffin, “This can’t possibly be the best Democrats can do. A) Trump will LOVE the name B) democrats running on the deficit is… something else & won’t work.”

Even Democrats aren’t sure of what Biden is attempting here. “I get that Democrats likely got some new polling from the consultants showing that ‘MAGA’ isn’t popular with voters, but not sure it achieves what we hope to frame Trump as an all-powerful king when that’s… also kind of how he talks about himself?” strategist Max Burns tweeted.

He should have borrowed a nickname from Veep, like One Erection.

(Via Raw Story and Politico)