Bill Maher, For Some Freaking Reason, Has Declared Joe Rogan To Be ‘Our Generation’s Larry King’

Bill Maher has heaped a huge amount of praise on Joe Rogan. During the latest episode of Maher’s podcast, the Real Time host gushed to Kathy Griffin that Rogan is basically “our generation’s Larry King.”

“He’s not looking for a fight and he is willing to open the mic to people,” Maher said to Griffin. “Even the ones that the establishment of some kind or another says, ‘How dare you let that person speak?’”

While Griffin argued that Rogan basically is “establishment” due to his broad reach and massive audience, Maher continued to speak glowingly of the controversial podcaster.

Via Mediaite:

What Joe does, he kind of opens that mic like Larry did. Elon Musk will do that show and like the biggest people in the world because they know of the reach. And I just think also Joe earned that. It’s like this is just a regular guy smarter than the average bear, but is not gonna be intimidated first of all by you saying, don’t platform this guy or don’t listen to this and will let anybody speak and usually has a common sense view of it, of his own.

Eventually, Maher came back down to earth and offered at least one bit of criticism about Rogan. Emphasis on “bit.”

“You know, he’s a little to the right of where I am on things,” Maher conceded. Dang, dude, don’t hold back.

(Via Mediaite)