Jon Stewart Sure Doesn’t Think That Trump Is Going To Jail For Taking Classified Documents To Florida

Is Donald Trump about to belatedly get his comeuppance? That’s what a lot of people think. The former president’s attempts to spin his latest potentially criminal act — absconding with highly classified government documents, lying about returning them all, and storing them in places like magazines — hasn’t been going so well, and it might even be worse than believed. While there are plenty of op-eds about this one finally being curtains for the big guy, add Jon Stewart to the list of skeptics.

The former Daily Show host and current star of The Problem with Jon Stewart used part of his most recent show to effectively say “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“What blows my mind about this whole thing is: Everybody’s got that thing that’s like, ‘Is this it? Is this the thing?’ And I keep trying to explain to people, ‘No. It’s not,’” Stewart said to his younger co-hosts. “Why does anybody believe that there will be accountability in this man’s life on this Earth?”

Stewart laid out just a couple of the deeds that should have gotten him busted but unaccountably didn’t. “He f*cked a porn star while his wife was giving birth. He paid the porn star $130,000 to keep it quiet. His wife is like, ‘Boys will be boys!’ And his lawyer goes to jail for it,” Stewart said. “His accountant is going to jail. Everyone around him goes to jail. He’s like the Mr. Magoo of absolved sins.”

He then compared everyone to those parents who always threaten to discipline their misbehaving child but can’t — the ones who say they’re counting to three but only get so far as two-and-a-half. “That’s who we are now,” he said.

Stewart also pointed out how he keeps trying to use evidence of his guilt as evidence of his innocence, as he’s done with the newly released affidavit that makes him look bad, even with all the redactions. “It’s like O.J. Simpson saying, ‘Look at this knife. It’s got a little blood on it, but c’mon!’” he joked.

You can watch Stewart talk Trump’s fate in the video above. That subject begins in earnest around the 4:45 mark.