Josh Hawley Has Immortalized His Pro-Insurrectionist Fist Pump On A $20 Coffee Mug That Appears To Be Made In China

Josh Hawley is taking a page from Donald Trump’s book and getting into the merchandising business. The Missouri senator, who was famously photographed pumping his fist in a show of solidarity with the insurrectionists and protestors outside of the Capitol on January 6th, is now immortalizing the moment on a $20 coffee mug, The Hill reports.

The mug, which Hawley is selling via his campaign, features the widely seen (and mocked) image of the senator making his way into the Capitol on the morning of January 6, 2021 with the phrase “Show-Me Strong.” According to his team, the mug is “the perfect way to enjoy Coffee, Tea, or Liberal Tears.”

The mug is also described as being “Made in America,” which… does not seem to be the case. (Unless there’s some town in America named China that’s churning out Hawley’s drinking vessels.)

After being widely criticized for showing allegiance with a violent mob that infiltrated the Capitol, Hawley attempted to explain himself to The Washington Post in April 2021. “That was as I was entering the House chamber the morning of the 6th,” he said. “Those were demonstrators who were out there on the plaza, on the far end of the plaza … standing behind barricades, waving American flags.”

As The Hill noted, Hawley was also “the first Republican senator to publicly announce that he would formally challenge the [2020 presidential] election results in Congress.”

(Via The Hill)