Kevin Costner Is Using His ‘Yellowstone’ Clout To Support Liz Cheney’s Re-Election In Wyoming

Kevin Costner is ready to hop in the saddle for Liz Cheney. The Yellowstone star offered his endorsement via T-shirt while filming the powerhouse western series. In a photo shared by the Republican congresswoman on Twitter, Costner can be seen wearing “I’m For Liz Cheney” shirt ahead of her Wyoming primary later in the month. Cheney captioned the photo, “Real men put country over party,” a nod to Costner’s history of predominantly supporting Democratic candidates. Although, for the record, Costner considers himself an independent.

Unfortunately, Costner’s endorsement may not save Cheney’s re-election campaign. Thanks to her participation on the January 6 committee, she is trailing behind MAGA candidate Harriet Hageman who is one of the few candidates that Donald Trump’s endorsement is actually helping. Despite the January 6 hearings dropping bombshell after bombshell as it investigates the insurrectionist attack on the U.S. Capitol building, the proceedings have made Cheney a pariah in Republican circles, and during a recent poll, she was 20 points behind Hageman.

That said, Yellowstone has been an absolute powerhouse for the Paramount Network. The series has drawn in massive ratings despite airing on a traditional broadcast instead of streaming. Considering the show has been a huge hit with conservative viewers, Costner’s endorsement could give Cheney a boost, but probably not enough to sway Republican voters in Wyoming who are apparently still deeply loyal to Donald Trump.

(Via Liz Cheney on Twitter)