Paramount Is Doubling (And Tripling) (And Probably Quadrupling) Down On The ‘Yellowstone’ Universe

Welcome to the Yellowstone Extended Universe. (The… YEU? We’ll work on this.) The staggeringly popular Yellowstone, the modern-day Western from Taylor Sheridan that has given Kevin Costner his biggest hit since the good ol’ days, is expanding even further. The show has already spawned the instant hit prequel 1883 (as well as the forthcoming 6666, set in the present day). So how about another?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the next spin-off will be called 1932, which will delve even further into the backstory of the Dutton empire. Where Yellowstone shows the family dealing with Native American neighbors and developers, and 1883 deals with their ancestors venturing from Texas to Montana, the Depression-era set one will look at them, as per a press release, “during the time of western expansion, Prohibition and the Great Depression.”

There’s no word on who will take the helm of this spin-off/prequel, but the producers have their work cut out for them finding someone to follow in the footsteps of Kevin Costner and Sam Elliott. Perhaps Nick Nolte? Or Kris Kristofferson? Maybe they’ll think outside the box and hire Werner Herzog.

In the meantime, 1883 will be getting more episodes, though Paramount stopped short of calling it a “renewal” or “another season.” There will simply be more episodes, of some number at some point of time in the future. And probably more after that. It’s a whole big thing.

(Via THR)