Marjorie Taylor Greene Called Fox Hiring Caitlyn Jenner ‘The Last Day In Women’s History’ But Cried Over Roe V. Wade Being Overturned: ‘This Is The Best News Of Our Lifetime’

To call Marjorie Taylor Greene a woman of many contradictions would be an insult to contradictions. But if ever there was a moment to witness her seemingly total lack of interest or concern about women and women’s rights, recovering Republican Ron Filipkowski laid out a perfect example of Greene’s anachronistic beliefs.

On Monday night, Filipkowski shared two separate videos of the Georgia congresswoman, each one expressing a very different emotional reaction to some news she had just received. In the first video, which was originally posted on April 8, Greene—gold crucifix necklace firmly affixed to her chest—expressed her shock and disgust about Caitlyn Jenner being hired by Fox “to be its newest female political contributor” in the most offensive way possible: by deadnaming Jenner.

“[T]oday, Jenner believes she is a woman,” Greene explained in a tone that seemed to be reeking of utter contempt. “I’d love to know which female contributors were passed over or perhaps even made redundant to clear space for Fox’s newest star transgender commentator… Bruce Jenner was hired on the last day of Women’s History Month. But for many of us, it felt like the last day in women’s history.”

Fast forward to Monday, just over three weeks later, and we got a very different MTG on our screens. One in which the congresswoman can barely keep her composure because she’s so “overcome with emotion” upon learning that the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade and set our country back by half-a-century.

Through tears, a kinder, gentler-seeming Greene shared the report that Roe v. Wade could soon be overturned, a development she deemed “the best news of our lifetime.”

“This is a great victory,” Greene said. “This is a great victory for god. And the unborn, who have been innocently slain.”

But the women who are about to have autonomy over their own bodies taken away? If you’re Greene, who cares!

(Via Ron Filipkowski)