Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes Full Soulless Ghoul And Claims That ‘Satan Is Controlling The Church’ When Christians Offer Help To Migrants And Refugees

The American rightwing has long aligned itself with the teachings of Jesus Christ, a figure who preached helping the poor and dispensing with material possessions. But their words and actions often suggest they never quite got to the New Testament. Take Marjorie Taylor Greene. The controversial lawmaker, who had to be educated about the Holocaust well into middle age, recently came out against [checks notes] the Catholic Church for [checks notes] helping those in need.

As per Mediaite, Greene, who was recently caught embellishing the truth while under an oath she took by placing her hand on a Bible, did an interview with the right-wing Christian organization Church Militant. Greene used her time to take aim at one of the largest wings of the Christian faith, claiming that “Satan’s controlling the Church.”

And what is Lucifer making the Church do? Help migrants and refugees, who are struggling to find safety from oppression and violence.

“The church is not doing its job, and it’s not adhering to the teachings of Christ, and it’s not adhering to what the word of God says we’re supposed to do and how we’re supposed to live,” Greene said.

“What they’re doing by saying, ‘Oh, we have to love these people and take care of these migrants and love one another,’” she said in a mocking tone. “Yes, we are supposed to love one another, but their definition of what love one another means, means destroying our laws. It means completely perverting what our Constitution says. It means taking unreal advantage of the American taxpayer. And it means pushing a globalist policy on the American people and forcing America to become something that we are not supposed to be.”

Yes, on top of smearing the entire Catholic Church, Greene also dropped the term “globalists,” which has well-known anti-Semitic roots.

Greene’s words made her an unlikely enemy: Bill Donahue, president of the Catholic League, which usually goes after Hollywood movies, like Kevin Smith’s Dogma and 2007’s The Golden Compass, for alleged anti-Catholic sentiments. But this time Donahue went after a fellow conservative, who he said “slandered the entire Catholic Church.”

“Satan is controlling the Catholic Church? She needs to apologize to Catholics immediately. She is a disgrace,” Donahue said in a statement to Mediaite. “We are contacting House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy about this matter. He’s got a loose cannon on his hands.”

Then again, McCarthy isn’t terribly good at reigning in party members who’ve made unhinged statements, so good luck with that.

(Via Mediaite)