Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims That She Was ‘Swatted’ For A Sixth Time And That The Caller Wants Her ‘Murdered By Police’

Marjorie Taylor Greene claims she was swatted for a sixth time on Monday night. The ultra-MAGA congresswoman, who recently lost a sizable chunk of cash investing in Donald Trump’s Truth Social, wrote on Tuesday morning that whoever is behind the prank is trying to engineer a deadly outcome.

“I was swatted for the 6th time last night,” Greene tweeted. “Swatting is a very serious crime. The caller wants to have their victim murdered by police. But it is also a giant abuse of police resources and time, which is another reason it is a serious crime. God bless my local police.”

“Swatting” involves calling the police and reporting a false crime at a residence in an effort to provoke a SWAT team response. Greene was first targeted by the prank back in August, and police reportedly confirmed the suspect’s motive: Punish Greene for her anti-transgender stance. It was an unusual twist because swatting is predominantly used against left-leaning targets. Although, it does have a history of being used as a very, very stupid prank amongst streamers.

Greene’s case is also an interesting juxtaposition because swatting hopes for a deadly overreaction from police, and the odds of that happening are very good. Especially when minorities are involved. However, Greene is a white lady from Georgia, so she’s fine and still tweeting things like “God bless my local police” after suggesting they could’ve just killed her. We live in a neat world.

(Via Marjorie Taylor Greene on Twitter)