Mark Zuckerberg Debuted A New, Better Metaverse Avatar After His Previous One Was Dragged To Kingdom Come

Mark Zuckerberg may have helped invent social media as we know it, but that doesn’t him from being dragged online. Like Jack Dorsey, he’s a frequent figure of mockery. Last week, he inadvertently threw some red meat to the Internet hounds, posting an impossibly crude image, including a boyish avatar, from the metaverse he’s been trying to foist on a so-far resistant world. After it was met with heaps of mockery, Zuckerberg quickly rushed out a replacement.

Admittedly, it’s an improvement. Where the first avatar drew comparisons to the Miis on Nintendo Wii — which is to say, technology from over 15 years ago — the new one is more detailed and professional looking, giving the Facebook co-creator a more realistic animated look. In a post on Facebook, Zuckerberg even acknowledged the blowback, writing that “the photo I posted earlier this week was pretty basic,” claiming “it was taken very quickly to celebrate our launch.” (The image commemorated the launching of Horizon Worlds, Meta’s VR game, in the U.K. and Spain.)

Alas, even the Horizon Worlds launch was an agent of chaos, with developers neglecting to translate it into Spanish for Spanish players. Whoops! The slip-ups have only served to remind people that Zuckerberg has poured billions and billions into this metaverse mishegoss. And honestly, even the newer avatar looks like it could have come from the Bush II years. Then again, unlike some old colleagues, at least he hasn’t started a cover band.

(Via Insider)