Martha Stewart Poured Cold Water Over Anyone Who Thinks Pete Davidson And Kim Kardashian Will Go The Distance

Martha Stewart, defender of peacocks and friend to every celebrity who matters, has weighed in on gut feeling about Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s romance. Previously, Martha gave some initial thoughts on Pete after she ran into the duo at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, and she posed for a photo with the pair after they enjoyed Trevor Noah’s show. At the time, she described Pete as (whom she’s been acquainted with for quite some time) “kind of homely,” but she was impressed with how she’s “squiring gorgeous women around and appearing everywhere.” That included his romance with Kim K., for which Martha declared, “You know, he’s a very different kettle of fish than Kanye, you know?”

Ain’t that the truth. Well, Martha’s still answering questions when asked, and Us Weekly asked for a followup on the situation, to which Martha described the situation as “fun,” but her first response to whether the couple would last is a telling one:

While speaking to Us Weekly just a couple weeks later, the Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party host said of the couple, “They’re hanging out. They seem to be very fun with one another.”

Does she think their relationship is going to last? “No, of course not,” Stewart said. However, she quickly added that she has “no idea” how serious the pair are about their romance.

Yup, Martha probably nailed it. And that’s not a negative response, either, merely a realistic one. Kim just got out of a marriage that ended on a very stressful note, and it’s highly doubtful that she’d want to jump right back into something very serious. And Pete’s doing his thing while they both seem to be very happy at this moment in time. As for Martha, yep, she’s keeping it real, always, and enjoying life, as with this relatively recent moment.

(Via Us Weekly)