Martha Stewart Cannot Stop Raving About ‘Homely’ But ‘Adorable’ Pete Davidson (Watch Out, Kim K.)

Martha Stewart wasn’t ever able to host SNL (due to a legal hangup), but a woman can dream. Likewise, she’s very much enjoying playing with her Instagram followers when it comes to SNL star Pete Davidson. As everyone is well aware, he’s currently dating Kim Kardashian, who’s the latest in a line of beautiful ladies who’ve decided that he’s “hittable.” And now that Kim K. and Pete seem to have shed the Kanye, Martha’s out there being mildly (although not really) suggestive about Pete and having a ball with it.

The domestic goddess and Snoop Dog BFF attended the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, where Kim K. and Pete were also on hand to enjoy Trevor Noah’s barbs. Martha posted a few photos and wrote about a caption about the “young upstart” who’s now “squiring gorgeous women around and appearing everywhere.”

On Monday, Martha also popped onto TODAY to call Pete “an adorable guy,” even though she also called him “kind of homely” and “cuter when he had when he had longer curly hair.” Martha made sure to add, “Kim looks gorgeous, as usual. Very jealous of her, of course” while also declaring (of Pete) “You know, he’s a very different kettle of fish than Kanye, you know?” Yep, Martha’s always keeping it real on a number of levels. And yes, watch out, Kim K.!

(Via Martha Stewart on Instagram & TODAY)