Whoops! Matt Gaetz Was Busted Telling Roger Stone He Could Get Trump To Give Him A Pardon Over An Open Mic

Remember when Roger Stone almost went to prison? Back in 2019, the longtime GOP fixer — currently in hot water again over involvement in the events of Jan. 6 — was dramatically scooped up by the feds over his attempts to obstruct Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. He was convicted on five counts and sentenced to 40 months in prison. He didn’t serve a single day. Donald Trump wound up commuting his sentence and later pardoning him. And now we know that Stone knew he didn’t have to worry.

The Washington Post unearthed damning video evidence of MAGA lawmaker Matt Gaetz assuring Stone he’d be fine a month before a grand jury ordered him to the slammer. “The boss still has a very favorable view of you,” said Gaetz, referring, of course, to Donald Trump. “I don’t think the big guy can let you go down for this.”

Stone, Gaetz told him, would be found guilty, which he was, but assured him he wouldn’t “do a day,” which he didn’t.

Gaetz didn’t go into details, because he didn’t want to have someone accidentally pick up his admission. “Since there are many, many recording devices around right now, I do not feel in a position to speak freely about the work I’ve already done on that subject,” he told Stone.

So how did Gaetz unwittingly wind up speaking into a microphone? Because he was conversing with someone who was miked. Stone had once again allowed documentarians to follow him around, and he had a microphone on his lapel, recording his every interaction. Lo and behold, the guy who would soon be under federal investigation for ties to a sex trafficking ring was suddenly incriminating himself. Whoops!

Meanwhile, documentary footage that presumably shows Stone trying to overturn the 2020 election is being sought by the Jan. 6 committee. Maybe he stop hiring film crews to document him and others doing underhanded things?

(Via The Post)