Meghan McCain Trashes ‘Crazy,’ ‘Selfish,’ And ‘Stupid’ Sarah Palin After She Dines Out In NYC With Covid

A long time ago, Meghan McCain and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin might have been friends. After all, the late Senator John McCain chose Palin as his running mate in the 2008 Presidential Election. But it sounds like the pandemic — and Palin’s willful stupidity — has burned that particular bridge.

In a new interview with The Daily Mail — where McCain has worked as a columnist after leaving her hosting stint on The View — the outspoken political pundit went off on Palin for dining out in New York City not once, but twice, despite testing positive for Covid. Palin was in the city to testify against The New York Times after slapping them with a defamation suit over some factual errors in reporting (that they’ve since corrected and apologized for) As part of the court’s policy, all witnesses attending trial must test negative for Covid before taking the stand. Palin, who has been fairly vocal about her anti-vaccine philosophies, tested positive for Covid three times, which pushed her court date back.

What those test results didn’t do however is stop Palin from having dinner in a public restaurant, without wearing a mask, on two separate occasions. After photos of Palin stuffing her face with Italian food leaked, McCain — who revealed her own Covid diagnosis — went a bit scorched earth on her dad’s former VP pick.

“Is she crazy? Day two? I haven’t seen her or talked to her for many years, aside from some short emails when my father passed, so I can’t imagine what she is thinking but this is highly irresponsible,” McCain told The Daily Mail. “This was selfish, reckless, and stupid. This is why she shouldn’t be in politics anymore. You have to lead by example. Just because it’s not illegal doesn’t mean it is not unethical. I’m embarrassed to have once known her.”

McCain has consistently flip-flopped when it comes to her thoughts on masks and how President Joe Biden is handling the pandemic, but she is vaccinated and has encouraged others to get their shot. She’s also been quarantining while dealing with Covid, which explains why she’s taking such offense to Palin spreading her germs all over the Upper East Side.

To be fair though, Palin is someone who’s gotten Covid before and still threatened to “rise up” if the government forced her to get vaccinated. Things like scientific logic and facts probably don’t mean much to her.

(Via The Daily Mail)