Michael Moore, Who Predicted Trump’s Win In 2016, Is Now Forecasting A Democratic ‘Tsunami’ In The Midterm Elections

Michael Moore may be most widely known as a best-selling author and the Oscar-winning filmmaker behind 2002’s Bowling for Columbine, but he’s also got a pretty impressive record as a political prognosticator. In July 2016, when most people were still laughing off Donald Trump’s presidential nomination as a joke and assuming that Hillary Clinton had the election in the bag, Moore was trying to warn everyone of what was on the horizon when he laid out his treatise on “5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win.”

Damn you, Michael!

Now, as Salon reports, the Flint, Michigan native has offered up yet another prediction — this one far less terrifying: While political pundits around the world are worried that Democrats will struggle in the upcoming midterms, Moore is again going in the opposite direction. Beginning in late September, Moore began publishing a series of posts to his Substack that he has titled “Mike’s Midterm Tsunami of Truth.” (As of this posting, he’s up to post number 13 on the topic.) His theory? Come November 8, “the tens of millions of us who have had enough, are going to descend upon the polls en masse — a literal overwhelming, unprecedented tsunami of voters — and nonviolently, legally, and without mercy remove every last stinking traitor to our Democracy.” (Which sounds much better than “Trump will win.”)

In the lead-up to Election Day, Moore is using each day to post a new reason why he believes Dems will show up in 2020. Among the dozen-plus reasons he’s given so far?

  • “The reason we’re going to win in November is because the other side is a bunch of losers. Big losers. Bad losers. Sore losers.”
  • The idea that Trump is a real threat is an illusion. He’s a bully — and is “about to be indicted.”
  • “No damn Democrat is going to screw this up for us again!” (That one was specifically in response to Joe Biden’s dwindling popularity, but Moore believes the current president is “irrelevant.”)
  • “The vast majority of Americans are repulsed by fascism.” And the fact that nearly 150 Republicans sided with the January 6th insurrectionists in voting to overturn the results of the totally legitimate 2020 presidential election is clearly a fascist move.
  • And: women.

Ultimately, writes Sophia A. McClennen for Salon:

Framing the upcoming vote as a mass uprising of nonviolent civil resistance is exactly Moore’s plan. As he explains, his goal isn’t just to offer the public another version of the truth; it is also to call out the problems with media coverage. Much of what many in the media are telling you is patently false and just plain wrong,” he writes. “They are simply regurgitating old narratives and stale scripts. They are either too overworked or too lazy or too white and too male to open their eyes and see the liberal/ left/progressive/working class and female uprising that is right now underway.”

(Via Salon)