Former GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Actually Praised Sarah Palin For Going Out To Restaurants After Testing Positive For COVID

New York City has been through a lot the last two years. It was once the epicenter of the pandemic. It’s seen violent police pushback against protesters. It’s seen businesses close left and right. Right now it’s buried in snow. And then on top of that it has Sarah Palin scampering about town with COVID. The half-term governor and failed vice presidential candidate is awaiting a trial that had to be postponed because she tested positive for a highly transmissible virus she’s already contracted before. Despite this, she’s still been going out to restaurants, to the horror of everyone, including City Hall.

But there’s one person who thinks possibly infecting people with a disease that’s killed nearly 100,000 Americans alone is…good, actually? That person is Michele Bachmann, former Republican representative, Tea Party star, noted anti-twerker and one of the first far right loonies to invade Congress, paving the way for the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz. (You can thank her for giving Stephen Miller his first big D.C. job.)

Bachmann went on Jesse Watters’ new Fox News show, where they discussed how the media has dared to paint Palin as a public health menace. And she had a take.

“Honestly, Sarah Palin is to be commended,” Bachmann told Watters, “because she’s trying to act like a normal human being in the greatest city of America, New York City.”

Palin has repeatedly gone to Elio’s, an Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, both before she tested positive and a couple days afterwards. The CDC advises anyone who tests positive to quarantine for at least five days so as not to get other people sick. But Palin evidently doesn’t care. Neither does Bachmann. Palin is proudly unvaccinated, having flip-flopped from a position she held early last year. Meanwhile, hospitalizations and deaths overwhelmingly affect the unvaxxed over the vaxxed, so perhaps the message Palin is sending isn’t so positive after all.

(Via The Daily Beast)