Donald Trump’s Official Spokesperson Was At Mike Lindell’s ‘Moment Of Truth Summit’ And Described It As Being Like ‘The Island Of Misfit Toys’

For MyPillow Man Mike Lindell, a “moment” lasts approximately 48 hours. Over the weekend, the unhinged pillow magnate hosted the Moment of Truth Summit, which he promoted as an “historical” two-day event where no conspiracy theory was too bonkers to share (no, Lindell didn’t say that last part). Among the many planned events, was something called “The Trial of the Machines,” where Lindell presumably argued with a bunch of inanimate objects that could not respond to his inanity.

While it was Lindell who did most of the talking, he also welcomed plenty of MAGA ride-or-dies to the stage, including Donald Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis, who claimed it was God who wanted to see her overturn a totally fair election in Trump’s favor and upend democracy as we know it; Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who doesn’t serve on any committees, so really had nothing better to do; and Steve Bannon, who hosted two special episodes of his podcast, The War Room, from the event.

While Bannon was consistently positive about the event and what it would reveal (spoiler: it didn’t reveal anything), even his guests couldn’t help but notice that they were surrounded by a truly, well, unique group of people. At one point, Liz Harrington — Trump’s official spokesperson — sat down with Bannon and commented on the crowd that had gathered.

“You can tell they’re innervated by what they’re finding and that they know they’re having an impact,” Bannon said of the attendees, while Harrington nodded in agreement. Then, in what was presumably meant to be a compliment, marveled at how “everyone’s from all these different walks of life, yet — I was telling someone last night, it’s almost like The Island of Misfit Toys.” (To save face, she noted that she included herself in that descriptor.)

As for the rest of the Summit, it seemed to be as action-packed as Lindell had promised: