Pamela Anderson Knows Which Of Her Marriages ‘Was Worse Than Any Of Them,’ And It’s Probably *Not* Who You Think It Is

Pamela Anderson has led a colorful love life. No judgment there because, damn, everyone has stuff to deal with, but I’m thrilled that she at least dodged a romantic bullet with Julian Assange. Other than that hot mess, Pamela’s first marriage (to Tommy Lee) included a humiliating home movie heist and ended with spousal abuse and jail time for Lee. Her subsequent marriage to Kid Rock concluded with his Borat temper tantrum over the aforementioned home video. Then came Rick Solomon, who may or may not have tucked a crack pipe into a Christmas tree.

Pamela also wed Jon Peters for 12 whole days, although they never filed paperwork to make it official, but he did earmark $10 million for her in his will. Who was the husband who was “worse” than the rest, however? That would be Dan Hayhurst, apparently. Pamela married her bodyguard during Covid lockdown, so they didn’t walk any red carpets together, but she realized her “disaster” mistake (as she admitted to Vanity Fair) within a year, and here’s what she told The Sunday Times via PEOPLE:

“It was worse than any of them. And I realized, ‘Oh my God, I’m caught up in this whole thing, what am I doing?’ It just truck me, this is another disaster. … I was paying for everything, cooking, cleaning for everybody. And so I just got out of it as soon as I could.”

The world never got to know Dan Hayhurst as Pam’s husband other than this joint appearance they did (from bed) on the Loose Women talk show. “I couldn’t resist. She couldn’t resist me,” Dan declared. “I don’t think we’re gonna come out of lockdown.”

(Spoiler Alert: They did come out of lockdown.)

These days, Pamela seems to be relieved to be single, as she told Vanity Fair: “I had this wild, bumpy life and met a lot of interesting people along the way and had a lot of interesting love affairs. But I feel like my life is more romantic now than ever. I have dinner for one or with my dogs.” That sounds like paradise, honestly. Also, the new Pamela: A Love Story documentary is streaming on Netflix, and her new Love, Pamela memoir is available in bookstores.

(Via Sunday Times, PEOPLE & Vanity Fair)