Russell Brand Is Celebrating Unvaxxed Canadian Truckers ‘Standing Up For Freedom,’ Leaving People Wondering, ‘What Happened To You?’

Former MTV VJ and ex-Katy Perry spouse-turned actor, podcaster, and comedian Russell Brand has been on quite a journey over the past few years. His long-time left-leaning points of view (and Fox News opposition) appear to have been transformed into dust while he’s veered to the right. This has included hopping aboard with Matthew McConaughey’s recent toeing of the political line and expression of empathy for Big Lie supporters. Russell also’s gone on an anti-vaccine crusade during the pandemic, which has left people wondering if he’s “officially lost his mind.”

Rusty’s still dangerously (especially because he’s such a prolific and persuasive speaker) cranking away on his YouTube channel (where he posts rants titled “Vaccine Mandates: An ASSAULT On Your Bodily Freedom?” and “SHOCKING Wuhan Evidence: Did Fauci LIE?”). He’s currently shouting for joy over the convoy of Canadian truckers who are protesting requirements to get the jab or find new jobs, and he’s worked up about what he says is the “mainstream media not reporting” the protests. Here’s a taste of him (taken from a YouTube video from Russell’s page) making a “honk” gesture and shouting, “Here’s to the Canadian truckers! Here’s to standing up to freedom!”

Hmm. Countless mainstream outlets, including the New York Times, BBC, and Business Insider, are certainly covering this story. In addition, about 90% of Canadian truckers are vaxxed, but these kinds of truths (including a trucker declaring, “You want a job? Get vaccinated”) don’t sell YouTube clicks.

Instead, Russell’s pointing toward the convoy while hoping it makes the Guinness Book of World Records, and railing against the Man, and so on.

This led people to wonder, “When did Russell Brand come on over to the right side?” as well as “What happened to you?” and lamenting at how “community responsibility” has fallen by the wayside for those shouting “freedom!”

Here’s some perspective on Russell’s, uh, needle-related history in comparison to him declaring that vaccines are a bridge too far for him.

And even though the trucker convoy is being widely reported upon, here’s a Twitter user with a parting sentiment: “Tantrums don’t need to be indulged every time.”