Russian State TV Pundits Are Losing Their Sh*t Over Ukraine Sinking Their Best Warship

A lot has happened since February 24, 2022, which is the day Vladimir Putin decided to officially wage war with Ukraine. In the weeks since, things haven’t been going so well for the tyrannical Russian president, who is also apparently a victim of his own propaganda machine.

In an attempt to place the blame for his military’s failure on someone—anyone—else’s doorstep, Putin has basically fired everyone even remotely associated with the failed attack. While the Kremlin’s state-run media has reportedly kept its cool and painted a pretty rosy picture of how it’s going for the country, even veteran state TV anchors couldn’t keep their sh*t together when reporting on the sinking of the Moskov, the most prominent warship of their Black Sea fleet.

As The Daily Beast’s Julia Davis tweeted, the fact that the ship was named for the city of Moscow made it particularly difficult for Russians “to swallow” the news, as it literally meant that Kyiv destroyed Moscow.

Russians are so incensed about the loss of their flagship war vessel that some are proposing the only appropriate response is “bombing Kyiv, destroying Ukraine’s railways, and making it impossible for any world leaders to visit in the future.”

Or they could, you know, just admit defeat and go home and let Ukrainians rebuild the parts of their country that you destroyed in an unprovoked attack and let them live in peace?