An Infuriated Putin Reportedly Fired More Than 100 FSB Secret Agents In An Apparent Move To Blame Them For His Dismal Ukraine War Failures

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s not doing so fantastic these days. He really thought that he could bust into Ukraine with imperialistic ways and have this invasion one-and-done. Instead, he’s met resistance from molotov-cocktail grandmas while Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy continues to stand firm and help withstand the constant Russian assaults by troops who, once captured, reveal the truth, which is that the Russian army was ill-prepared by the Kremlin.

Putin, who’s also gotta be upset about his waning Botox supply, has now decided to take matters into his own hands and fire those who he blames for his Ukraine failures. As initially reported by The Sunday Times (and followed up upon by Fox News), Putin’s gone on a firing spree of secret agents, who he blames for the fiasco:

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine appears not to be going according to plan, and President Vladimir Putin seems intent on blaming his old colleagues at the Federal Security Bureau (FSB) – the intelligence agency successor to the KGB – for the quagmire.

Putin reportedly purged more than 100 agents from the FSB, and his government sent the head of the department responsible for Ukraine to prison. About 150 FSB officers have been dismissed, The Times of London reported Monday.

What’s more, Putin placed Russian Intelligence General Sergei Beseda under arrest and shipped him off to Moscow’s Lefortovo prison, which is run by the FSB. The facility was one used by Stalin for torture in the 1930s, and all of this appears to be retaliation from Putin. The Telegraph further reports that Putin appears to be turning on all of his security officials, all while the world’s watching Russia struggle after its failure to slam-dunk an early victory in Ukraine. It’s all autocratic behavior, to say the very least, and sadly, with the expense of a great loss of life.

(Via The Sunday Times, Fox News & The Telegraph)