Ryan Seacrest Had A Wardrobe Malfunction During The ‘American Idol’ Finale, So He Borrowed Some Underwear, Fast

“Seacrest out” has just taken on a whole new, and NSFW, meaning.

On Monday morning, as the New York Post reports, Ryan Seacrest told his Live With Kelly and Ryan co-host Kelly Ripa about an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction that occurred over the weekend. Seacrest was working one of his 72 other jobs—this one as the host of American Idol, which was filming its season finale—when he was informed by his stylist, Miles, that his underwear was creating a problem.

“Apparently, America voted, and decided there was anatomy in the shot,” Seacrest joked of the so-called “penis panic.” When Miles told Ryan that they needed to change his undies pronto, Seacrest informed him that “I didn’t bring any extra underwear.”

Without missing a beat, Miles informed Ryan that “Don’t worry—I’ve got mine.”

It should be noted that Ripa was not impressed with the impromptu plan, and pointed out that they could have easily just “change[d] the camera shot—crotch up,” but the ol’ skivvies switcheroo was already in motion.

While Ripa didn’t really seem all that interested in hearing how the story ended, Seacrest kept going:

“So we go backstage during the commercial and find a little corner. And I’m literally taking off my pants, off my underwear and putting his on… Guys, anything for the show, right? It’s a family show.”

Ripa was adamant that she would have simply had the crew change the camera angle, because “women do not share panties.” Seacrest, really pushing the TMI envelope, noted that: “For the record, they weren’t panties. They were tight, elastic underwear.”

When Seacrest’s stylist heard that his drawers were making headlines, he took to Twitter to offer a little more information—including the fact that they were Calvin Klein.

(Via New York Post)