‘The View’s Sunny Hostin Says Her Family Has ‘Explored’ Suing The Trump Administration Over Her In-Laws’ COVID Deaths

While discussing Dr. Anthony Fauci‘s recent interview with Chris Wallace where he opened up about having his COVID messaging constantly undermined by then President Donald Trump, The View‘s Sunny Hostin revealed that her family has looked into filing a lawsuit against the Trump administration for causing the death of her husband’s parents.

During the panel, The View co-hosts agreed that the administration attempted to use Fauci as a “scapegoat,” which prompted former White House communications director Stephanie Grisham to share what she saw on her end after raising concerns about COVID messaging, and it was not good.

Via The Wrap:

“I actually had a problem putting some of the information out, and when I raised those concerns, all messaging, if you can imagine this, all messaging about COVID got taken away from me, the press secretary, me, the director of communications, and the entire West Wing communications team of about 40, and it was transferred to the vice president’s team,” Grisham revealed.

After hearing Grisham’s anecdote, Behar asked Hostin, a former attorney, if the administration is liable for causing deaths because of examples like Grisham’s where the Trump White House attempted to downplay the virus and hamper public health initiatives.

“My family has thought about this a lot, especially because Manny’s parents died from COVID,” Hostin said. “And I blame the Trump administration for that. We’ve explored it. We’ve explored it, we’ve thought about it.”

Hostin did not elaborate on if her family is still pursuing legal action or if a lawsuit is possible.

(Via The Wrap)