‘The View’ Co-Hosts Piled Onto Former Trump Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham For Taking So Long To Jump Ship

Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham continued her guest host stint on The View on Wednesday, but things got a little tense as Grisham found herself being grilled by co-hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin over why it took her so long to quit Donald Trump’s administration. It all went down during a discussion on the recent January 6 convictions, which prompted the panel to ask Grisham if she knew what was happening. Grisham denied knowing what was being planned, but she did admit that she had a feeling that “something” was going on. That’s when Hostin hit Grisham with a blunt question about working for Trump: “Why did it take an insurrection to get you to quit?”

After Grisham explained that she tried to resign “many times,” she said that First Lady Melania Trump repeatedly talked her out of it. Grisham also admitted that she believed in Trump when he first ran for office, which is when Behar jumped in. Via The Wrap:

“Excuse me, what did you believe in?” Behar interjected. “His policies? Because you know he was a sexist misogynist, you heard the tapes about grabbing women, all that. So what did you agree with?”

As Grisham explained herself, the hosts pressed further, with Hostin telling her point blank, “You screwed up.”

According to Grisham, her reason for staying was being a single mom and that no one was going to hire her after working for Trump. However, she readily agrees that she messed up, which echoes comments on she made on Tuesday’s episode of The View where she revealed that her gay son was “ashamed” that she worked for Trump.

“He didn’t want to tell his friends where I worked,” Grisham said. “He was ashamed of where I worked, rightfully so.”

(Via The Wrap)