A Texas Butterfly Center Is Closing For The Weekend Over ‘Credible Threats’ That Deranged MAGA Cultists Who Think It’s A Sex Trafficking Front Will Ambush It

The National Butterfly Center is located in Mission, Texas, a short distance from the border between the Lone Star State and Mexico. The 100-acre preserve is home to hundreds of types of butterflies, but that didn’t stop former-president Donald Trump from wanting to desecrate the grounds with a border wall between the countries.

“[The border wall] directly impacts the health of the ecosystem and the abundance of breeding and feeding areas for our native wildlife,” Marianna Trevino-Wright, executive director of the National Butterfly Center, told Valley Central.

The butterfly haven is also being threatened by MAGA cultists, who believe the site is being used to smuggle sex traffickers across the border. For the safety of its employees, the center is closing from January 28-30 ahead of the “We Stand America” event.

“We are writing to let you know the National Butterfly Center will be closed Friday, Jan. 28 – Sunday, Jan. 30, due to credible threats we have received from a former state official, regarding activities planned by the We Stand America event, taking place in McAllen, TX,” the NBC wrote in a message. “This MAGA, mid-term election rally, hosted by Trump’s former National Security Advisor and pardoned-criminal, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, is the national, kick-off event for what they are calling their ‘Take Action Tour.’ You may visit the website to see the rogue’s gallery of featured speakers and presenters at what is sure to be an inflammatory exercise in free, hate-speech.”

The center learned of the event after a congressional candidate from Virginia allegedly attempted to run over Treviño-Wright’s son:

We were alerted to this event on Friday, Jan. 21, following a visit by a congressional candidate from Virginia. She appeared with a friend, who claimed to be a Secret Service agent, and demanded access to the river so they could “see the rafts with the illegal crossing” our property… When asked to leave, they attempted to film Marianna, while reiterating the malicious and defamatory lies of Steve Bannon and Brian Kolfage, whose concerted, public attacks against the North American Butterfly Association, the National Butterfly Center, and our director, Marianna, remain the subject of the lawsuit we have brought against their “dark money” fundraising organization, We Build the Wall.

As the Virginia candidate fled the center, she tried to run over Marianna’s son, who was filling in at the visitor’s pavilion. Nick was trying to close the front gate to prevent the candidate and her friend from leaving with Marianna’s phone, which they had taken from her after knocking her to the ground outside the pavilion. All of this was caught on our security cameras, and the visitor who witnessed the attempted aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on Nick called 9-11. It took Mission Police Department more than an hour to respond…

Treviño-Wright made the decision to close for the upcoming weekend when she was told to “be armed at all times or out of town this weekend” because the We Stand America events include a Trump Train-style caravan to the border, and the center “would likely be a stop on this ‘take action tour,’ and she and the center are targets.” Very normal stuff for a BUTTERFLY CENTER to have to worry about.

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