Kayleigh McEnany’s Sister Is Launching A Right Wing Dating App Called ‘The Right Stuff’ So You Can Easily Identify People You Don’t Want To F*%k

Have you ever experienced the supreme disappointment of matching with someone who seems to be the perfect partner on an online dating app, only to later discover that they stormed the Capitol on January 6th? Well, thanks to Ryann McEnany — sister of Kayleigh — and conservative billionaire Peter Thiel, those awkward conversations may soon be a thing of the past. Because a new dating app called The Right Stuff is launching in September, and will be an invite-only site for those who actually believe that the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago in order to plant evidence.

The other McEnany, whose Twitter bio notes that she’s a “Digital Marketing & Brand Communications Strategist,” seems to be the face of the app, which The Wrap reports was co-founded by a pair of former Trump staffers, John McEntee and Daniel Huff. The goal? To normalize narrow-mindedness, or so it seems.


In the promo video, McEnany promises that “not just anyone can join” The Right Stuff, but clarifies that you must identify as either a “lady” or “gentleman” in order to join. “No pronouns necessary” here McEnany assures simple-minded singletons who are looking to “get into the right dating pool, with people who share the same values as you.” That’s The Reich Right Stuff way!

And hey, check out who made a surprise appearance in the promo video, when McEnany encouraged would-be users to share “your favorite photos of yourself doing what you love or being with the people you love.” (We’re not sure which one of those buckets Trump fits into, if not both.)

Donald Trump The Right Stuff app
The Right Stuff

According to The Hill, Thiel — the famously conservative tech guru who co-founded PayPal — has invested $1.5 million in The White Right Stuff.

Huff, who worked in the Department of Housing and Urban Development under Trump, told The Hill that an all-conservative dating app is “an important, underserved market.” (Is it?) “Liberals own the education, media corporations, and we can’t let them control our personal relationships,” he said.

Ironically, The Right Stuff website — which, as you might have guessed from McEnany’s snarky pronoun comment, is only open to heterosexual relationship-seekers for now — encourages users to join and “connect with people who aren’t offended by everything.”

Does being offended by homophobia count?

(Via The Hill)