The Ladies Of ‘The View’ Go To Town On ‘Anal Retentive’ Trump Allegedly Flushing Documents Down The Toilet

Despite the news just breaking this morning, The View found time to tackle Maggie Haberman’s claims that White House sources told her Donald Trump would allegedly flush government documents down the toilet, clogging them in the process. Needless to say, the subject was a field day for The View panel as co-host Joy Behar fired off zingers about Trump being “anal retentive” while Ana Navarro went right for the jugular.

“I mean, I knew they were full of crap, but I didn’t realize it went this far,” Navarro quipped about the former administration.

In an interesting catch, the panel discussion noticed that flushing toilets has been an odd, recurring theme during Trump rallies. He’d often say people are complaining about how their toilets flush, which was a random thing to bring up. Via The Wrap:

“Well, he has some fascination with toilets, right? He’s mentioned it over and over again,” Hostin answered, referring to the numerous times the twice-impeached former President claimed during his rallies that people were flushing their toilets at home 10-15 times.

“He does,” Behar shot back. “Anal retentive, they call that.”

In between the jokes, Behar made it a point to mention that Trump has “categorically denied” flushing government documents down the toilet. However, The View had the benefit of former White House communicator Alyssa Farah filling in as a guest host and dropping some insights. While Farah says she never saw Trump flush documents or even the presidential bathroom during her time at the White House, she did reveal that her sources in Trump’s orbit have said that the former president is “terrified” of Haberman’s book.

(Via The View on Twitter)