Tomi Lahren’s ‘BULLSH*T’ Tweet About ‘Straight, White, Christian Males’ Being Silenced Is Boggling People’s Minds

You know who has it tough in America? Straight, white, Christian males. Sure, nearly every president has been straight, white, and Christian, and they’ve all been male, but no matter. They’ve been victimized and silenced for too long, at least according to conservative Succession inspiration Tomi Lahren.

“It’s pretty clear, everyone is allowed to have an opinion in this country EXCEPT for straight, white, Christian males. And it’s BULLSH*T!” the Fox News contributor tweeted. It’s hard to tell what she’s talking about, specifically, considering her tweets pivot from conspiracy theories about the Allen, Texas mass shooting (“Anyone else think it’s a little weird we haven’t heard anymore about the Allen, Texas outlet mall shooter, who was supposedly a Hispanic “white supremacist…”) to tagging random sports leagues (“Professional sports (all of them) need to make a decision and NOW. Either you support your athletes having social/political opinions or you don’t. You don’t get to pick and choose who is “brave” and who must apologize. @MLB @NFL @NHL @NBA”).

What is clear, however, is the near-universally negative response to Lahren’s take. “No matter how much power, money and influence they attain, what they will never relinquish is the idea that they are the forever victims – because that’s one of the ways they attained so much power, money and influence, by selling that lie to the gullible,” reads one quote-tweet, while another wondered, “Where does she live that straight white males don’t dominate the conversation and legislation? I’d like to know so we can move there.”

It’s the one thing that unites everyone, straight and gay, white and Black, Christian and Jewish and Muslim, male and female and non-binary: dunking on Tomi’s tweets.