Trump’s 14-Page Rant About The Jan. 6th Committee Is So Bonkers It’s Drawing Comparison’s To The Unabomber’s Manifesto

In response to the January 6 committee unanimously voting to subpoena Donald Trump, the former president fired off a rambling 14-page response on Friday that plays of all his greatest hits. Case in point, it opens with the all-caps proclamation, “THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 2020 WAS RIGGED AND STOLEN!” before recycling almost every single claim that Trump has made since losing to Joe Biden. He also refers to the House committee as “hacks and thugs” while barreling through the lengthy screed that’s already being roasted on Twitter.

George Conway, whose wife Kellyanne Conway famously worked for the Trump administration, went right for the jugular by joking that Trump makes the Unabomber seem sane by comparison.

“The Unabomber’s manifesto had more coherence to it,” Conway tweeted.

Andrew Weissmann, a prosecutor for Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation, took a more lawyerly approach to Trump’s 14-page rant, but not even he could resist insulting the former president. (Yes, that’s a chicken emoji at the end.)

“Just like during Special Counsel investigation: Trump’s refusing to actually say this under oath and subject to follow up questions,” Weissmann tweeted. “If he believes this, why not testify to it. What a 🐓”

Despite Trump’s bombastic written response, Maggie Haberman has reportedly heard from sources that Trump wants to testify in the front of the Jan. 6 committee, but only if he can do it “live.” While that would almost certainly be disastrous, at least one of Trump’s lawyers is actually looking into it. Trump already sounds like the Unabomber in writing. Now, imagine that live in front of cameras as he’s the center of attention. It speaks to the current quality of Trump’s legal team that everyone isn’t on board with making sure he doesn’t talk to the House committee on live television.

(Via Raw Story)