Oh Great, It Looks Like Donald Trump And Ron DeSantis Are About To Have A Big Stupid Fight About Vaccines

As Donald Trump prepares for a possible showdown with Ron DeSantis in the Republican presidential primary, Trump’s team has reportedly put together an opposition file that will attack DeSantis for… vaccinating the elderly? It’s an interesting development considering most of MAGA world has readily engaged in anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories while the former president has held on to what might easily be his administration’s only success: Operation Warp Speed.

The program led to the quick development of COVID-19 vaccines, which turned the tide of the deadly coronavirus pandemic in 2020. However, in Republican corners, anti-vaccine sentiment is strong, so Trump is apparently going to lean in to that despite facilitating the vaccine’s creation. Heck, just last month he congratulated himself for saving “100 million lives worldwide” thanks to Operation Warp Speed.

Via The New York Times:

In a sign of how toxic the conversation about the coronavirus vaccines has become within the GOP, Mr. Trump’s allies are building a file of “opposition research” on Mr. DeSantis that consists of videos of him praising the vaccine in its early days. A Trump ally involved in the effort, who insisted on anonymity to discuss their plans, said the footage included Mr. DeSantis taking delivery of some of the first vaccines in America and “news B-roll of DeSantis presiding over vaccinations of elderly people.”

Again, Trump facilitated the COVID vaccine’s creation and loves to crow about how nobody gives him enough credit for it. Yet, his team is going to go after DeSantis by showing pictures of him pushing an old woman in a wheelchair and saying things like, “He personally wheeled her to get jabbed,” according to the Times.

Yup, this primary is going to be a real blast. Just oodles of fun.

(Via The New York Times)