Trump’s Interview With Lou Dobbs About The Supply Chain Went Off The Deep End When He Started Talking About Leather For His New Book

If you allow Donald Trump to keep talking, he’ll go in some strange, unexpected directions. That’s one of the key traits SNL cast member James Austin Johnson has glommed onto for his celebrated impersonation. And it was on full display during a recent appearance on former Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs’ podcast.

As per Raw Story, what began as a simple bleak-o-rama summary of American life under his successor, Joe Biden, derailed into him ranting about him being unable to find leather for some book that will soon be published.

“Well, nobody even heard the term supply chain,” Trump bizarrely claimed when discussing how some goods have become hard to find in parts of the country. “We didn’t sit around talking about supply chain. Now, that’s all of a sudden, that’s all — the two words people are using most because you can’t get anything.”

Trump then did what he often does: exaggerate to the point of absurdity, claiming that “sixty, seventy percent” of “big grocery stores” are empty. He added, “In some cases, more than that. They can’t get food, they can’t get clothing.”

He then moved the focus away from the American people to his favorite subject: himself. “I just did a book — which is very successful, they sold 240,000 copies and we just ordered another 240,000, I guess, or more,” Trump claimed. “And the publisher — the printer, who is one of the biggest in the country, I think he said he has eight plants, he said, well we have one problem, we can’t get paper, we can’t get ink.”

He added, “We can’t get glue,” Trump continued. “And we can’t get leather, for the covers. He said, ‘I’ve been doing this for forty years, I’ve never had a problem getting anything.”

What book is he talking about? Presumably not the one actually penned by a ghostwriter who hates him. He probably meant Our Journey Together, a hardcover picture book documenting his lone term as president, billed as “President Donald J. Trump’s first official book since leaving the White House.” There are two versions, and neither is exactly cheap: A standard version costs $74.99 while a signed one goes for a whopping $229.99. Alas, the latter is sold out. The book is due out in February, so maybe they found some glue and leather after all.

Anyway, it looks like SNL may have received some more Trump fodder.

(Via Raw Story)