A Video Of Trump Ranting About The Election To Random Mar-A-Lago Guests Has People Almost Feeling Sorry For Him (Almost)

Remember Donald Trump? He used to be the leader of the free world. Then he lost an election. Then he tried to overturn said election. Then he inspired his violent followers to try to storm the Capitol. Now he spends his days in a Florida resort, banned from most of social media, crashing weddings to blather for minutes on end about the election he lost. You don’t hear from him very often, apart from the occasional weird “press release,” which rarely go viral. Now, some three-and-a-half months after he left office in disgrace, a video is going around that shows the depths of his sorrow.

It’s not clear if the video is new or when it was taken. Perhaps each day, each week, each month is now a blur for the former American president. It shows him addressing the randos willing to pay an exorbitant membership to be in the same company as an unpopular former politician. Their reward is addresses like the one in the video, which finds the owner of Mar-a-Lago awkwardly, robotically ranting about the “rigged election” and the “thousands and thousands of votes” that were allegedly supposed to be for him, based on nothing but whatever’s in his broken brain.

The person who posted the video on Twitter put it well: “The one time leader of the free world who now lives alone in a hotel sharing buffets, common areas, and staff with strangers, yearns for attention and relevance so badly, he now stands on a patio step every night ranting to tens of people about a 6 month old election that he lost.”

As the video went viral, people — clearly never fans, many amongst his sharpest critics — almost felt sorry for the guy. Almost.

Some compared it to the end of a sad movie.

Or a certain Dickens character.

Or Napoleon.

Or a Disney World animatronic.

There were Shining jokes.

And other jokes.

During Trump’s disastrous presidency, many pointed out that real life had come to resemble a vicious satire. Now that it’s over, his life resembles a depressing tragedy, about a dangerous man who got his comeuppance — who got it three times filled and running over. But the only ones who get to see it are at Mar-a-Lago.