Trump Has Cancelled His Press Conference Ringing In The First Anniversary Of The Jan. 6 Capitol Riot

The last time Donald Trump delivered a public address on the sixth day of a new year, it didn’t end so hot. On Jan. 6, 2020, then then-exiting president further riled up violent supporters whose heads had already been filled with voter fraud lies. They then stormed the Capitol building, threatening all inside, and leading to the deaths of five people. Trump had an ill-advised way of commemorating the day’s one-year anniversary: He was going to hold some vague press conference at Mar-A-Lago, the resort in which he now mostly lives. But perhaps he realized that was a bad idea even for him.

As per NBC News, Trump announced on Tuesday that he had cancelled the event a mere two days before it was to go down. He of course pinned the blame on others. Specifically he cited the House committee investigating that fateful day, accusing them of “total bias and dishonesty.”

The commander-in-chief-turned-failed blogger had vowed to use the day to once more defend the day’s rioters, who would not be facing jail time were it not for him, and who he’s defended for wanting to hang former vice president Mike Pence (who doesn’t seem to care that he was almost murdered). He still planned to do that, just on another day and at another location, namely a rally in Arizona set for Jan. 15.

In the meantime, the Jan. 6 committee recently asked for the “voluntary cooperation” of Sean Hannity, one of a number of Fox News faces who sent frantic texts begging for Trump to call off his rioting supporters, whose deadly actions they would later downplay.

(Via NBC News)