One Of Trump’s Jan 6th MAGA Insurrectionists Is Sad That His Actions Led To Him And His Dad Getting Kicked Out Of Their Wine Group

Cancel culture strikes again. Trump supporter Patrick Stedman, who did nothing but participate in a tiny, inconsequential coup of democracy itself, has now been kicked out of his dad’s wine club.

The South Jersey local is currently on trial for taking part in the Jan. 6th insurrection — a coordinated attack by angry Trump voters who hoped to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s presidency. Stedman tweeted his involvement in the mob assault that afternoon saying, “I was pretty much in the first wave, and we broke down the doors and climbed up the back part of the Capitol building and got all the way into the chambers.” He also shared a video of himself in former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. Despite the evidence, Stedman refused to accept a plea bargain, claiming he didn’t engage in any violence or property damage during the siege.

He’s also arguing that he should avoid jail time because he’s already been punished enough via his restricted social life. While fundraising the money needed to pay his attorney fees, Stedman described how he’s been ostracized by family and friends for simply trying to “defend” the country he loves.

“Classmates and family members informed the FBI on me. I was disinvited from family gatherings,” he wrote. “My father and I were kicked out of the wine group he founded 40 years ago.”

Not the wine group, you guys!

Stedman’s also disappointed that his attempt to overturn a presidential election has been met with such outrage that he may no longer be able to move to Poland to live with his wife. What’s worse, he can’t even look at old wedding videos anymore because, “nearly none of the people I see are people I speak to.”

Really, what is prison compared to the loss of annual father-son wine tastings and those balmy Polish summers?

(Via Courier Post)