Trump Reportedly Once Phoned Melania To Whine About George Conway Saying Mean Things About Him

There’s yet another Trump-era tell-all book out, but this one isn’t from a reporter or one of his enraged former staffers. It’s from Kellyanne Conway, his longtime senior counselor. Conway was there almost till the bitter end, and she continues to praise him, even as she’s been booed by the crowd at The View. But her book, Here’s the Deal: A Memoir, still contains some juicy and unflattering stories about her former boss.

One of them concerns Conway’s husband, George, who became one of his wife’s boss’ fiercest critics. George remains part of The Lincoln Project, comprised of longtime Republicans who dislike Trump so much that they tried to help Democrats destroy his chances for re-election. George was merciless with the former president, and per his spouse’s new book, it got to him.

“This guy is nasty. He won’t stop,” Trump is said to have told Melania over the phone. “And it’s our Kellyanne. She’s my top person. She knows a lot, too! What are we going to do?'”

But Melania tried to calm him. “Donald,” she said, according to Kellyanne, “this is not her fault. And she is a big girl. Strong and confident.” She reported added, “We don’t control our husbands — and you don’t control us!”

The Conways remain married, having celebrated their 20th anniversary last year. That hasn’t stopped George from continuing to trash Trump. And it hasn’t stopped Kellyanne from claiming that her husband was effectively “cheating” on her with his Twitter account.

(Via Insider)