Whoopi Goldberg Surprisingly Came To The Defense Of Kellyanne Conway After ‘The View’ Audience Booed Her

Kellyanne Conway has joined the ever-growing ranks of people writing books about their time in Donald Trump’s White House. But while Conway has had no shortage of tea to spill, she’s still a dyed-in-the-wool Trump supporter, which led to her being booed on Tuesday morning’s episode of The View.

While promoting her new memoir/tell-all, Here’s the Deal, Conway was asked by co-host Sunny Hostin if she was among Trump’s enablers who “lied” to the former president that he won the 2020 election. Conway emphatically stated that she never lied to Trump about the reality of his loss to Joe Biden, but she also didn’t hold back that she still wishes Trump had won.

“It broke my heart. I wanted him to get reelected,” Conway told Hostin before taking a dig at Biden. “He should have won huge. He had all of these accomplishments. He’s running against a guy stuck in the basement and you’re in the middle of a pandemic…” However, Conway didn’t get to finish her thought as The View audience started audibly booing.

Instead of letting the moment go, Whoopi Goldberg stopped the panel and actually chastised the crowd for booing Conway.

“Let me do something before you say anything else,” Goldberg said before turning to face the audience. “Listen, this is The View. And this is her view, and she’s talking about how she feels and what she knows. Please don’t boo her.”

Emboldened by Goldberg coming to her defense, a grinning Conway then took another jab at Biden. “I think they’re booing about Biden staying in the basement,” she slipped in before going back to hammering the advisors in Trump’s campaign who told him he was going to win the 2020 election in a “landslide.”

(Via The View on Twitter)