Well Well Well, Looks Like More Classified Documents Have Been Found Stashed Away At A Trump Storage Unit

Donald Trump’s got a lot to worry about these days. There’s the backlash over his choice of dinner guests, his call to terminate the Constitution, not to mention the epic guilty verdicts bestowed upon his business. It’s easy to forget about one of the biggest albatrosses around his neck: the Justice Department investigation over his absconding with tons of classified government documents. And guess what? They’ve somehow found more.

As per The Washington Post, lawyers for the former president found at least two more documents stashed in a Florida storage unit. They were immediately turned over to the feds.

The documents were discovered amidst a search by an outside team, who’d been hired by Trump to comb over some of his other properties, to ensure that all materials requested by a federal judge back in May had been turned in.

The storage unit in which the documents were found is located in West Palm Beach, not far from Mar-a-Lago. It was rented out in the summer of 2021, half a year after Trump’s presidency ended, so as to store items from an office he held in West Virginia. A person familiar with the unit told reporters that the unit held a strange mix: boxes, gifts, clothes, as well as “suits and swords and wrestling belts and all sorts of things.” None of it had been catalogued, not even the swords. He claimed Trump had not even visited the unit.

After FBI agents searched Mar-a-Lago and emerged with boxes of documents, Trump initially tried to play the victim. He threw out one excuse after another. He’s thrown legal hurdles in investigators’ way. He’s even demanded some of the documents be returned. At one point, he inadvertently admitted he stole them.

That he’s hired teams to make sure all documents requested by a federal judge suggests he may be taking it seriously. Reportedly one lawyer has advised him to take a combative approach with law enforcement than he has. Luckily there’s one thing Trump has and that’s self-control.

(Via The Washington Post)