Trump Basically Has To Have A Babysitter Monitoring Him 24-7 After The Disastrous Kanye-Fuentes Dinner

However chaotic your Thanksgiving dinner was, it had nothing on Donald Trump’s. The former president spent the holiday breaking bread with new anti-Semite Kanye West, who brought a friend: an even bigger anti-Semite who’s also a white nationalist sexist incel who thinks “dating women is gay.” Trump has flailed about trying to spin the meeting, and not very convincingly. Now it appears it has gotten him a surely unwanted round-the-clock guest.

As per The Associated Press, Trump’s presidential campaign has put new protocols in place to ensure he never dines with unapologetic bigots again. (Or at least with Nick Fuentes.) One is that anyone who wants to meet with him has to be fully vetted, though it’s not clear what exactly that entails.

Another, more restrictive protocol is that a senior advisor will be with him “at all times,” to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid (or at least something so bad that even his allies will be horrified, like eating with people who have threatened Jewish people). It’s not a new practice; Trump had someone hovering over him at all times during his presidency. But it does mean he has a babysitter, there to protect him from himself.

The backlash over Trump’s Thanksgiving dinner has been fierce, though it’s telling that any Republicans who have condemned it have been careful not to actually mention his name. Looks like the GOP still live in fear of him, even after he’s palled around with bigots.

(Via AP)